The Young LIONNA

Every person on earth was born with one nature in common – the quality of being Human. This is the humanity in us. Humanity is what makes us humane, compassionate, and kind to one another. Humanity puts in us the urge to help and live for one another. All human beings are born like that. However, our environment and circumstances have the ability to nurture or kill this great quality in us from the time we were born through our childhood to adulthood without our knowledge, but not without our permission. We allow the process either way unknowingly. This understanding inspires the idea behind the initiative of the Young LIONNA school leadership club and this book (The Young LIONNA – Born a Leader) for our children, their parents, and teachers toward restoring the lost dignity of Humanity in Africa.

The Young LIONNA club programme, the handbook, and the teachers/parents who will guide our children through this book are intentional environment and circumstances created by our choice to NURTURE this natural gift designed to make the world a better place against the forces of similar nature that destroy us. It is a promise that if Nigeria/Africa upholds the training and teachings of this book so dearly for her younger generation, she will become the envy of the world sooner than imagined, and she will become the new definition of a HAPPY SOCIETY. The initiative will empower our next generations into the right path of Greatness ordained for Africa and the world.

The Young LIONNA handbook was co-authored by a seasoned social and humanitarian advocate for the New Nigerian Dream, Chris C. Nwani. The book was carefully written in a general, simple English Language and created with inspirations that appeal to mid phases of childhood through adulthood, with informative photos, thoughtful exercises, and stories (including true-life) that appeal to the delight and cognitive (mental) fancy of children and teenagers. The book will also restore and fortify their self-esteem and desire to develop their innate gifts, live their dreams, and fulfil their visions for their communities. Hence, it is recommended for anyone.

However, it is targeted at children in their Primary 3 education (7-year-olds) to Junior Secondary 3 (13-year-olds). Those are believed to be in their mid-formation phase of life at which the book will be more impactful.

The first target of the destructive environment and circumstances in our lives is our defensive mental mechanism – the MIND. Once it is weak, our hearts and actions become vulnerable. So, the Young LIONNA is focused on reinforcing that core element of humanity, the MIND, which is also the essential element of Leadership.