Members Identity Mark

We do not have to flag uniforms or ID cards or any external feature for the world to identify or recognize us. Our greatest identity feature and our PRIDE is our attitudes which reflects our belief and value system in Ubuntu. The common identifying expressions of those in the practical sense among many others includes:
    1. We do not beat the traffic rules and respect other road users.

    2. We do not give or take bribes no matter the situation (we seek community help in dire situations that is pressing us beyond our control to compromise)

    3. We respect the purchase queues and orderliness in all situations.

    4. We are kind, gentle, and patient with people in their weaknesses and ready to forgive to free our hearts

    5. We are compassionate and willing to help any Nigerian around us who needs help within the capacity we could offer

    6. We talk to people very respectfully irrespective of their social status, religion, and tribe because we see God in every living soul. The satchet water seller is as important to us as the President of Nigeria.

    7. We do not litter the roads and our immediate environment with trashes from our vehicle, homes, and offices.

    8. We always attempt to add values wherever we are – schools, work places, business places, worship centers, neighbourhoods, residential areas, etc.

    9. We easily recognize our weaknesses and imperfections as humans in our mistakes in occasional possible irrational actions and decisions, hence, are very ready to always apologize and take responsibility for our actions.

    10. We always do everything possible to obey the Laws of the land not because they are Laws and enforced, but because they are right. Such attitudes align with our belief and value system as human beings and members of the NNUBUNTU community.

Any Nigerian who comes in contact with you with these attitudes might be tempted to ask if you are a member of the NNUBUNTU community without seeing any physical identifier on you. However, if you are asked, be proud to tell anyone that you do what you do, not because of the Law or your membership in NNUBUNTU community, but because you are a human being and your conscience tells you it is the right thing to do.