I am, because you are
No me, without us
The New Nigeria Ubuntu (NNUBUNTU) Community is a network of Nigerians who strongly believe and live out the principles of genuine Humanity as reflected in the UBUNTU philosophy, as their way of life. This principle is typically based on practical Love and care for one another. We have come to terms that the best and only way to describe the New Nigeria vision is through action and purely based on the UBUNTU principles of selfless service to each other.


A New Nigeria and Africa with Strong Values for Self-Discovery, Equity, and Human Dignity


To revive and restore the true African values of Humanity among African Citizens


Love is Life, Character is Wealth, Community is Strength.

"If we must win this battle against imperialism and poverty in Africa, we must learn to think like children and help each other grow. We, ourselves, are the gretaest resources we have, not the artificial wealth and currencies created by modern civilisation"

Brief History of Ubuntu

Ubuntu, a Zulu/Xhosa word, is an ancient African Philosophy believed to have emanated and practiced by the Zulu people of Nguni ethnic community, living mainly in the KwaZulu – Natal province of South Africa. The Zulu people also spreads across many nearby countries such as Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Eswatini, and Mozambique.

Values of Ubuntu

Ubuntu has been interpreted in many ways but still points to one central value – LOVE and HUMANITY. Most of the meanings includes, “I am, because you are”, “I am what I am because of who we all are”, “Humanity to others”, “No me, without us” and the rest. It has also been interpreted in many values of life which includes the following:

  • Respect

  • Helpfulness

  • Integrity

  • Sharing

  • Community

  • Caring

  • Trust

  • Selflessness

  • Gentleness

  • Empathy

  • Generosity

  • Compassion

  • Deep Kindness

  • Hospitality

The Conceptualization and Inspiration of NNUBUNTU

Truly, nothing is scarce in this world like Virtuous and Honest people. Resources and even money is more available to find than upright and trustworthy people, given rise to the increase in moral decadence and dehumanization in most societies in the World. This could explain the untold hardship in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Hence, a group of Nigerian citizens have decided that it is time to become a practical solution to the current human decadence, beginning in Nigeria by breathing life into the African Ubuntu ideology as the foundational pillar of the New Nigerian dream. Theories and Talks are over, now is the right time to live and fully resurrect our most priced ancient concept that truly defines the African Spirit even before the western colonization. By this way, we create a new wave of restored culture and community of love, trust, integrity, and oneness beginning in Nigeria. This will help the rest of the African communities to follow suit, and the rest of the world will have a better option to choose a better life of true human civilization in Africa. “We Are One” campaign begins with the NNUBUNTU community in Nigeria.

This beautiful Africa concept of Life and Happiness seems to be going into extinction due to the overload of political and media pressure to adopt a lot of strange or foreign values as the modern civilization of life. We Love and admire many foreign cultures and technological advancement as a meaningful contribution to humanity, but we also Love and admire our African original positive way of life as the best or near perfect human civilization in which practical love is central. What is the meaning or value of any human development or advancement without love and character? That is useless and of no value to humanity. We have missed our ways but are committed to reviving and restoring our ancient life mines in our generation beginning in Nigeria. This is simply the New Nigerian Dream. 

We want to prove to our critics that something good can come out of Nigeria. We want to rewrite the history of our Nation and Africa and redefine how the world sees us. We shall use all our various individual and collective gifts and professions to tell the story of Nigeria and Africa differently.

About the NNUBUNTU Community

NNUBUNTU is technically visioned and designed as an organic model community of Human Civilization founded on the Ubuntu philosophy in which there is absolute expression and practice of the 14 values / character of Ubuntu and the New Nigeria creed. Thus, members will be fervent believers and custodians of the Ubuntu characters and would have no records of grievous questionable characters in any public and private domain. However, we shall welcome members with ill characters who demonstrate their willingness to transform to the Ubuntu civilization, not for what they will gain, but for what they will offer to consolidate the community's philosophy and character.

Service Commissions

NNUBUNTU will reflect the functioning model of a body system in which every citizen or member will be a leading functional cell (based on member’s self-identified passion, strength, and ability) and belong to a functional service commission of the family/community. Considering the community as a functional body system and you a functional cell in the body, what organ would you be - the lungs, liver, heart, kidney, bones, eyes, brain, skin, nose, legs or what? Every cell in the human body has a function; thus, supports the entire body selflessly. No cell is a burden unto others except cancerous cells, you know what I mean.

Invitation to the NNUBUNTU Community

Invitation to the community is not an open or public invitation, but a personal or private invitation between and among friends or persons of Ubuntu like-minds. You are reading about the NNUBUNTU right now because you might have been invited by a close or distant friend and a member who is a testament of your attitude and character in your past or current relationship or business with him or her. This is the way we grow with each other. We identify all those whom we have related with or known in any formal or informal way and have identified the UBUNTU values demonstrated in their attitude to us or others and considered them a potential member for this community of Love.

So, we are ONE BIG FAMILY, although we are not biologically related or geographically connected in one area, we are connected by our Ubuntu values and way of life for ONE Purpose – a New and Happy Community of Love.

Now, you may consider if you are eligible based on the criteria stated in our NNUBUNTU Operational Framework (NOF) below and take an important decision. We also urge you to invite others in your life whom you think that meet this eligibility as reflected in your experience of their personality and values.

Please, disregard the invitation if you saw the invitation in a public forum. You do not have to do any other thing about it, but ignore.

How to Join the NNUBUNTU Community

As a matter of emphasis, admission into the community is FREE, but through invitations or recommendations as described above. A member of the community invites potential members whom they could attest to their character, personality, or willingness to grow with the NNUBUNTU by sharing the NNUBUNTU weblink to the invitee to access and read online or download a copy of the NNUBUNTU OPERTIONAL FRAMEWORK (NOF) to read offline.

You are STRONGLY encouraged to first review and be familiar with all the contents of the NNUBUNTU OPERTIONAL FRAMEWORK (NOF). This is to ensure that, even if you are recommended or invited by a member of NNUBUNTU or someone else, your choice is personal, fully independent, and well informed and guided by your acceptance of the values and stipulated operations in the community in order to guide your expectations. It also ensures that the driving spirit (UBUNTU) of the community as clearly stipulated in the NOF resonates with your personal values. Hence, it is mandatory to thoroughly go through the NOF before making any decision. It is okay and equally honourable to take your time while reading the NOF before you take any decision. It is also okay to decline the invitation as much as it is to accept it.

So, if you are fully connected with the philosophy of NNUBUNTU as spelled out in the NOF, then complete your REGISTRATION below.

Note that your National Identity Number (NIN) is a requirement for identification as a Citizen of Nigeria, hence, make it handy. The protection of all your data is secured with high level of integrity and shall ONLY be used for the purpose of protecting and improving the community which you will also be among, if you join. However, if you are not comfortable with this, it is okay to decline the invitation.

After successfully completing and submitting the forms, the forms will take about a week for thorough verification of information and assessment of eligibility before admission into the community. Once considered for admission, a mail will be sent to you with an NNUBUNTU Membership Identification number, and afterwards admitted into our Social Group platform (WhatsApp or Telegram) as may be determined by then.

THE NNUBUNTU Operational Framework (NOF)

You might have learned or read that the NNUBUNTU community does not operate by Laws or any constitution. We believe in the moral laws of humanity which simply promotes Love and fairness among people. So, laws are written in our hearts, and the custodians of our laws are our consciences which spur us to love and do what is right unto others as we too desire to be treated (The Golden Rule of Leadership for Africa – The G-ROLE Africa).

However, we recognize that we need a framework that guides our actions, operations, activities, and relationships with one another. This is to ensure that our subjective perspectives of rights and wrongs linked from our different backgrounds are structured within a common operational framework of UBUNTU that we all agree to live in.

The NOF is a 33-page document. It is subject to periodic review as we grow and gain more insights into more loving and selfless ways of relating with one another in the community.

The NOF is made up of the following content outlines.

  1.  Introduction
  2. Vision
  3. Mission
  4. Motto
  5. Brief History of Ubuntu
  6. Values of Ubuntu
  7. The Conceptualization and Inspiration
  8. About the NNUBUNTU Community
  9. Service Commissions
  10. Benefits Shared Among Members
  11. Character and Integrity Ratings (CHAIR)
  12. Members Identity Mark
  13. Raising Financial Resources.
  14. Challenges Ahead – Preparedness for Test
  15. Conflict and Dispute Resolution between/among Members
  16. Rules and Laws
  17. Enforcement of Law
  18. Relationship with the Government
  19. Eligibility for Membership in the NNUBUNTU Community
  20. Invitation to the NNUBUNTU community
  21. How to Join the Community
  22. Inclusion of Non-Online or Computer Compliant Eligible Citizens
  23. Community Social Media Platforms
  24. Meetings
  25. Reward System through Awards and Recognitions
  26. Addendum/ Conclusion
  27. Caution
  28. For More Enquiries and Clarifications