Character and Integrity Ratings (CHAIR)


Members CHAIR shall be used to rate or reflect members strength of character and attitude in the community. NNUBUNTU star reflects the soundness of character and attitude of members based on the Ubuntu values they demonstrate in their affairs and relationships within the community.

Members are encouraged to share good works and stories of both common and exceptional UBUNTU services received among members for the members to be appreciated by the community. Beneficiaries of selfless services and quality professional services from community members are strongly encouraged to review and rate (NNUBUNTU star) the service providing members online through the Members Character and Integrity Rating (CHAIR) tab.

Quarterly records of the CHAIR reports shall be downloaded by the ICT team and shared with the MECCOM for review, analysis, and documentation for Award conferences when the reports shall be used to select the appropriate Awardees for Recognition. Similarly, businesses or paid services conducted or provided satisfactorily with Trust, Integrity, fairness, and Professionalism or unsatisfactorily are also encouraged to be reported for records sake for appreciation or orientation and encouragement by the ACOR.

Note: It is a highly encouraging attitude and of extreme importance and responsibility of members who receive kindness and support from members to report that they are recipient of the community kindness and appreciate the members that provided them with the kind services in the community forum. This is a way of encouraging others, and not to seek or offer fame for public notice, as may be wrongly attributed. Hence, it is considered a misconduct to receive aid without sharing the news for community appreciation in the Spirit of Ubuntu. In addition, NNUBUNTU awardees during the NNUBUNTU physical annual conferences shall be selected from the Members CHAIR report by the MECCOM as indicated in section 25.
Members Character and Integrity Ratings (CHAIR)


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