NNUBUNTU Operational Framework (NOF)

THE NNUBUNTU Operational Framework (NOF)

You might have learned or read that the NNUBUNTU community does not operate by Laws or any constitution. We believe in the moral laws of humanity which simply promotes Love and fairness among people. So, laws are written in our hearts, and the custodians of our laws are our consciences which spur us to love and do what is right unto others as we too desire to be treated.

However, we recognize that we need a framework that guides our actions, operations, activities, and relationships with one another. This is to ensure that our subjective perspectives of rights and wrongs linked from our different backgrounds are structured within a common operational framework of UBUNTU that we all agree to.

The NOF is a 33-page document. It is subject to periodic review as we grow and gain more insights into more loving and selfless ways of relating with one another in the community.

The NOF is made up of the following content outlines.

  1.  Introduction
  2. Vision
  3. Mission
  4. Motto
  5. Brief History of Ubuntu
  6. The Conceptualization and Inspiration
  7. About the NNUBUNTU Community
  8. Service Commissions
  9. Inspiration, Recognition, Accountability and Monitoring of Community Interrelationship
  10. Benefits Shared Among Members
  11. Greetings
  12. Character and Integrity Ratings (CHAIR)
  13. Members Identity Mark
  14. Caution
  15. Raising Financial Resources.
  16. Challenges Ahead – Preparedness for Test
  17. Conflict and Dispute Resolution between/among Members
  18. Rules and Laws
  19. Enforcement of Law
  20. Relationship with the Government
  21. Eligibility for Membership in the NNUBUNTU Community
  22. Invitation to the NNUBUNTU community
  23. How to Join the Community
  24. Inclusion of Non-Online or Computer Compliant Eligible Citizens
  25. Community Social Media Platforms
  26. Meetings
  27. Reward System through Awards and Recognitions
  28. Addendum/ Conclusion