Rules and Laws

Every society is governed by Rules and Laws. But in NNUBUBTU, our Laws is our conscience and character. Members shall live above the Law. This means that members are not expected to do things that are right because the Nigeria Law or NNUBUNTU framework of activities indicates so, but because our common human conscience says your actions are the right things to do because you consider the consequences to others (and not self only) in such circumstances. This is another way of saying that the laws are already written in our consciences as citizens except we do not have the moral lead and chose to seek help or guidance from the appropriate commission - ACOR.
Our focus will not be in keeping the Rules and Laws because it is believed that we are already laws ourselves by our actions. The laws and the operational framework are there to remind and encourage us to stay on track. So, our focus will be to see that members find joy in life and feels the warmth of collective Ubuntu around them. Whatever it takes, we do it.
Our relationships will be absolutely based on TRUST and Consideration for others. However, because we are not perfect yet and still struggle with the frailties of human nature, we have the appropriate commissions to use both the NNUBUNTU principles and Nigerian Laws to help us stay focused and on track as at when necessary. On extreme cases, suspensions and other disciplinary measures may apply as considered by the appropriate commissions.
We do not judge none members or deviants of the rules as bad citizens; No! We rather look forward to helping them get better and appreciate the transformation cause to the New Nigeria of our dream.