The Skills Acquisition and Economic Loan Schemes (SAELS)

SAELS is an economic empowerment program in which certain less privileged persons such as unemployed young people/youth groups or widows and widowers in poor settings (remote unreached villages, basically) are selected and trained to acquire some self-reliant economic, vocational, or entrepreneurial skills over a period of 3 – 6 months. On graduation, they are offered some business items or materials and cash awards as loan to start off their own businesses while they are monitored over 12 months to help them stabilize and repay the loans over 24 months. New recruitments may occur annually or bi-annually depending on funds availability. Our setting for now are villages where facilities and resources to support and monitor the project are easily accessible and available. The partners are the local community through the heads/leadership. SEALS is still in its pilot phase and hopefully will be fully established in a short time

Communities with improved Economic Independence and reduce unemployment-induced crime rate.

The program is especially designed to aid the people from poor communities to establish themselves economically and be less dependent on the social vices and government support. At the end of the trainings, they are provided with loans to start their own businesses, and they will be encouraged and guided to return the loans spread within a convenient space of time. The returns will be ploughed into the program to accommodate more beneficiaries.

To promote economic development and reduce unemployment-induced crime rate in Nigeria, through a systemic transformation of the deprived society through the development and empowerment of young adults with the essential values/skills of positive leadership and entrepreneurship.

Specific Goals of the Project

To empower at least 10 young adults with vocational and entrepreneurial skills to be independent and relevant to the poor settings they belong.

Measurable outcomes (Name ways people will benefit from the project)

  • Number of youths/young adults empowered with vocational, economic, or entrepreneurial skills.
  • Number of youths/young adults with N100,000 loan scheme
  • 50% of the beneficiaries with sustained businesses after the first year of existence
  • Communities with increased economic capacity for added values and services to the society

Current Project Locations

Egbelu Village, Imo State

Monthly Training Monitoring and Evaluation Forms (MTMEF)

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Partners of SAELS

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