The Inspirational Background for Creating BKN

In Nigeria and Africa, we have suddenly and certainly lost our true sense of creation. The harsh economic situation has thrown us into a barbaric “survival of the fittest” condition close to Man eat Man situation. We have also lost our sense of true spirituality and Godly practice irrespective of our faith and belief. Every of our ACTIONS are anchored on benefits and survival at the expense of others. Sadly, despite the outrageous outburst and sprouting of faith centers in the country, our attitudes have continuously and increasingly depreciated.

Our current attitudes to one another do not demonstrate the level of our spirituality demonstrated in the number of worship centers in our country. For this reason, millions of our brothers and sisters have unreasonably and unduly lost their lives to Man’s brutality to Man and Man’s hatred for Man. The truth remains that no man/woman can be an island of his/her own; and that is the true essence of creation. Living for one another. No matter the level of harsh conditions surrounding us, this single purpose of divine creation will never be overemphasized and that is the true reason for our existence.

Who We Are

This is a network of genuine conscientious and faithful people who share and believe in the true African values and principles of true love. It is based on true practice of warm Love and Friendliness as Nigerians. No interest for pay back or refund or money is attached. We do not accept any pay back of any sort for our actions except inviting our care receivers into the network if they are touched by our kind actions, and we encourage them to pass the light on by lightening up other people’s lives. The BKN network is initiated, created and coordinated by Henry and Susan Debem. This couple is deeply touched by the undeserved agony suffered by unfortunate Nigerians and poor lives lost simply due to Man’s hatred for Man and Man’s neglect for Man. By these simple daily acts of kindness and love, they believe that this network can save lives and change the face of Nigeria for good, particularly for generations to come.

What Do We Do?

The concept is built on reaching the people on the streets who are truly in need of arms and help (it must not be needs for money, though money might be involved occasionally). The essential interest in this network is true love for our brothers and sisters on the streets and around us. We try to recognize people who are really in need of help and you offer to assist them, irrespective of his/her request for it. Instances are as follows:

Seeing a woman on the street who has a number of kids with her or heavy loads or such woman trying to board a commercial bike or any unsafe means of transportation (we assist her with loads or kids or offer her a ride if she doesn’t mind),
Someone walking under the rain because of no means of transportation at the moment (we offer him a ride if you have),
Someone who is stranded for some conscientious reasons, widows who cannot afford their children’s daily needs (we provide them with clothing, foods, sustaining jobs, etc as much as you can provide),

Youths or adolescents or orphans who are confused and depressed seeking direction for life (offer advice and guidance),
People who are hungry and wretched residing in your neighborhood (invite them to your merriments and festive occasions, give them food),
People who are victims of accidents (offer to take them to the hospital),
People who are stranded on their broken cars on the streets (stop and offer to lend a hand in pushing their vehicles, assist them with tools or call a mechanic for them),
People who are stranded on their broken cars on the streets (stop and offer to lend a hand in pushing their vehicles, assist them with tools or call a mechanic for them),
Colleagues who suddenly fall sick and may not carry out his/her duties in the office (we provide care and support and assist her in his/her work or cover up for him/her),
Commercial drivers whose car suddenly developed a problem and he has no hands to help me push the car to a convenient place (we don’t alight and leave him, assist him push the car to a convenient point),
Elderlies who cannot secure seats in commercial/public vehicles (we offer them your seat),
People who are too in a hurry to in the activities and operations (We are patient with them)

..and so many unlisted ways of serving humanity in true love as the good spirit directs us. We reach to people irrespective of their religion, faith, tribe, sex, age, political inclination, social status (rich or poor) and so on. We see everybody on the street as victims of circumstances beyond their control. I could still remember the era when all these were very practicable before the advent of brutality, hatred, corruption, cruelty, and desperation to survive by all means in Nigeria.

How Do We Grow Or You Become Part Of Us?

You are reading this or have become a member perhaps because you are a RECEIVER of the BKN kindness or have heard about us from a G-ROLE Africa member, is that true? Yes! That’s how we grow. We grow by true practice of Love and not by campaign or jingles or advert for BKN; however, most of our BKN members are also members of our G-ROLE Africa network. Besides that, we abhor preaching BKN kindness to people, rather we touch lives through our kind actions. We are a network of genuine LOVE. The G-ROLE Africa Leadership Initiative is a different Network values from the BKN Initiative or Network. So, we do not advertise BKN on Facebook, Twitter and other social media because this is not a social network and we do not need social or any publicity of any kind for our BKN line. We share by practice and if you are touched by our warm care and help, you join us and extend the love by reaching to others who may be inspired to join by your simple act of kindness. In as much as you can share this vision with good spirited Nigerians (your friends or colleagues) who you think might want to share in this vision and mission, we FOCUS ON INVITING PEOPLE WE PRACTICALLY REACH WITH KINDNESS IN ANY WAY by giving them the BKN card after helping them. We are not interested in just inviting people, except the very good spirited ones we recognize around us, but we are INTERESTED IN REACHING PEOPLE WITH PRACTICAL ACTS OF LOVE (like mentioned earlier, it is not really about giving beggars money, No!. We mean practically helping others in need)….

Our target is to reach at least 20% of Africans with acts of kindness and love before the end of 2035, and we can achieve this by reaching more people and extending the network like virus.

Our goal is Better Africa through hearts of Africans to Love and Care for each other and strangers for better Nigeria, and for generations to come…

Spread the good acts, not the good news! Spread it like a virus! What we do exactly is to reach people with arms and help of any kind and means, then share the BKN card with them and invite them to write us in our email address to share their stories, experience with our members, and their details so that we can update our network base. They can as well call or text their contact details including email addresses to the contacts in the cards.

How Do We Get Our Funding?

The BKN does not need your money or any funding from anybody. The initial funding is being provided by Henry and Susan particularly in printing the BKN cards for initial circulation for those who cannot afford to reproduce the cards for their use as contributions to the network growth. Members who can afford to reproduce the cards are encouraged to do so and let the network know for appreciation by writing to the contacts in the cards. For members who cannot reproduce the cards, they can write to the contacts in the card requesting for more cards and the cards will be sent to them at the addresses indicated.

Note: this is a pure and genuine spiritual exercise and not for social publications / publicity or financial gains; hence, we DO NOT and WILL NOT raise any fund for it. Because it is for God’s true intention for creation, I prophesy that our financial means will be richly blessed in abundance to sustain us and this network. Do not give anybody any money in the name of this network except for arms and help to the poor. As members, we are billionaires at hearts, in the spirits and thus in the physical, so we do not need money to serve humanity.

Why Are We Different?

We are different because we see opportunities to serve or help others as opportunities to grow in the spirit, be blessed in the physical and ultimately change the world. We do not claim to be righteous, or holy or sinless. In fact, we are all sinners like others as long as we are in the world, but this single belief and practice makes the difference and demonstrate our genuine effort to DO IT RIGHT. We may be different in other physical characteristics like age, social status, faith, religion, political affiliations, tribe, geographic origin etc but we are ONE at heart and in the spirit.