The Young Leaders Initiatives of the New Nigeria and Africa

...restoring the dignity of Africa in the next generation

Are the Next Generation Leaders of the New Nigeria and Africa in your Community / School?

The Golden Rule of Leadership for Africa Initiative (G-ROLE Africa) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization powered by a network of selfless Africans with a common passion and vision for a remodeled Africa. In the Nigerian context, our vision is a reformed Nigeria with strong values for Self-Discovery, Equity, and Human Dignity; leading to a PEACEFUL and PRODUCTIVE SOCIETY for our Children to live in and be proud of. Our mandate is to revive and restore the PRIDE in true Nigerian cultural values of Humanity and Self-Reliance through several activities.

Among those is to engage schools and support grassroots drives and programs among children in primary education toward acquiring sustainable and selfless leadership and community-support qualities among others. To fulfill this mandate, G-ROLE Africa has developed a leadership club program for school children in the primary and secondary level education in Africa, known as the Young Leaders Initiatives of the New Nigeria and Africa (Young LIONNs Africa). The Young LIONNs will be the groomed Leaders of the Next Generations to birth and sustain the dream New Nations of Africa, with amazing extraordinary leadership qualities of Servanthood, Responsibility, Compassion, and Character.
The G-ROLE Africa calls for Expression of Interest from interested registered Primary and Secondary Schools in Nigeria to partner with us to secure the future leadership of our children in Nigeria. The program will run on an annual project cycle. The G-ROLE Africa shall provide initial logistic support to the selected schools and present annual program awards and incentives to the Winners (Pupils who demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities during their One-Year program cycle of the club).

Eligibility for Schools Partnership

1. Formerly Registered Primary Schools in Nigeria

2. Active operations for 6 years and above

3. Existing Active Parents Teachers Associations (PTA)

4. Designated classrooms or hall space for student’s club meetings/events

5. Two designated staff to support and supervise the club events

6. Available ICT facilities

7. Strong willingness to sustain the program with minimal support from the G-ROLE Africa after the first-year program cycle.

How to Indicate Interest

Interested schools, through the heads of schools, can apply online by completing the form below. Complete the simple electronic form and the relevant attachments. The application should be completed not later than 30th July 2024. Successful Schools shall be contacted for further briefing and details on or before 1st October, 2024.

For more enquiries write us via