The final report of the People's Choice 2023

The G-ROLE Africa is the leading facilitator of “the People’s Choice 2023” survey, supported by an umbrella partner in Nigeria, the New Nigeria Is Possible (NNIP) vision. We are a network of ordinary African citizens who desire to be part of civil solutions toward realizing the Nigerian and African dreams. So, our Vision is A New Africa with Strong Values for Self-Discovery, Equity, and Human Dignity, and this applies to any African country we are supporting.

As part of our solutions in Nigeria and among other numerous social developmental projects we facilitate to support healthy social and political systems and policies, we conducted this online survey titled “The People’s Choice 2023” survey. The essence of the survey is to sample the opinions and will of the Nigerian people toward the forthcoming election in 2023. The purpose is to generate ideas and views that could help inform and strengthen the socio-political systems and actions in Nigeria.

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