Raising Financial Resources

This is to reemphasize that this organic model community is not and will not be built on or around money. It is built on the Ubuntu character – members’ kind and selfless services to the community through their skills, talents, time, encouragements, moral support, and other inherent resources. Recall the functionality of the body system again and find out how the cells, organs, systems co-exist without paying money to each other. Imagine a small community of farmers, health workers, teachers, security personnel, furniture makers etc.

These people agree to always add values to the each other (community) when in need by selflessly looking after each other with their abilities in Trust and Love for each other (humanity). So, they do not need money to be a happy family, right? Since the universe was not created with money but with the power of love, it is possible for human beings to exist without money but love. Sounds difficult, right? Yes, I know.

Money can aid certain interactions but we depend more on people, not on money. People created money as an instrument to support their co-existence. So, if people use money to obtain the services and goods people produce, so, they should be able to use money and not allow money to use them.

Nevertheless, the need for money may arise on exceptional situations when there is need for certain goods and services in the community and those are not readily available in-kind services and provisions from members, or members decide to provide those goods and services in discounted or full rates (it is allowed), or the only option of meeting those needs is from outside the community in full paid rates from external vendors (such as meeting halls and conference logisitics). Then, we use money to obtain them. This is the only situation that the community may need money. We want, as much as possible, to remove financial burden from members. Remember our motto which implies that our character in services is our Wealth.

So, for those exceptional situations, those who are genuinely blessed with money and chose to be generous for this cause may willingly make contributions with love to a common purse either for an emergency need or for no particular need at hand but to take care of future possible emergencies that may arise among our members when no immediate kind services and goods are available from the community. However, with kind goods and services willingly available in sufficiency through our skills, talents, time, goods, and services, moral support, and the rest, we may never have need to spend money to grow and be happy together. This way, we learn and are encouraged to serve or give for Love and care for others, with or without money.

Exceptions: The above indication of pro bono services is particularly required at the community administration or management level to support a charity or community cause/need. Again, at individual (member to member) levels where charity relationships with members in true need exist, we encourage members to release their full Ubuntu spirit as much as they can to grace needing members. However, at members individual business relationships, members, at their discretion, can always provide professional pro bono (free), discounted, or full-paid services to each other in business relations. But whatever be members choice of provision, in all business relations highest level of integrity (Honesty), genuineness, and quality are strongly encouraged. This implies that we may not entirely do without money, but we need to learn how to be mature with money and allow money serve us in the community, rather than members serving it.