The Young Leaders Initiatives Form

The Young Leaders Initiatives Application

Join the G-Role Africa Network

The mission inspires and connects Africans of like-minds who share same vision for a New Africa. Consequently, establish a Network of the African movement toward this Vision in all African countries. The G-ROLE Africa has determined that the TRANSFORMATION of our core LEADERSHIP values and not the Leaders is the most effective target toward achieving this vision in 2035.


A New Nigeria/Africa with Dignity and Values for Equity and Humanity


To revive and restore the true African values of Humanity and Self-Reliance through active Leadership and Public ORIENTATION and ENCOURAGEMENT.

Our Aims

  • To restore the dignity and values of Humanity in Africa through practical orientation and support-network programs among the general population.
  • To promote the quality of selfless and exemplary Leadership among the African Children and Adolescents.
  • To promote the principles of social and moral support among the citizenry through the initiation of the Brothers Keepers Network

Our Creed for a New Nigeria/ Africa

We believe that…
  • A New NIGERIA/AFRICA is Possible in our life time.
  • There is Strength in Unity and Beauty in Diversity. So, there is NO ETHNICITY, NO RELIGION, and NO SOCIAL CLASS other than, We are Nigerians/Africans, our religion is Looking out for Each Other, and our social class is other persons’ status of life.
  • There is no GAIN without PAIN; hence, the New Nigeria/Africa vision requires SELFLESS INDIVIDUAL SACRIFICES and RESPONSIBILITIES for the good of others and PRIDE of the NATION.
  • Our True TRANSFORMATION as a Nation is rooted in our SELF-CHARACTER and INTEGRITY which begets the GOOD LEADERSHIP Values. So, every citizen is a potential good or bad Leader. Followers and Leaders are all the same.
  • The POWER OF LOVE, and not the LOVE OF POWER, is our Weapon as Citizens for the desired TRANSFORMATION.
  • We are the ICONS of CHARACTER and INTEGRITY, and the New Nigerian Society begins with Us here and now. What is your New Nigeria Character?
  • Patronizing our HOME-MADE-GOODS and SERVICES is an ACT of PATRORISM to the Nation, PRIDE in our Ability, and SOLIDARITY to support and grow each other for better and for worse.
  • All LIVES matter, All PROFESSIONS/OCCUPATIONS matter, All REGIONS/STATES matter. No life, No profession No region is better than others. We are only UNIQUE in our strengths, and need each other Equally to Survive.


  • SERVICE and CHARACTER goes before MONEY. We see money as a mere instrument of REWARD, but service as a true instrument of BONDING LOVE to DIGNIFY EACH OTHER (HUMANITY).
  • Our Leaders, with true African blood running in their Veins, are READY to DIE in PROTECTING the INTERESTS and seeking the HAPPINESS of their followers in the spirit of PATRIOTISM and NATIONAL INTEREST.
  • The Followers see their True Leaders as their VOICE, hence a SYMBOL and ICON of NATIONAL DIGNITY and would go to any length to RESPECT and PROTECT them, even in their MISTAKES.
  • There is no room for VIOLENCE and JUNGLE Justice of any sort. We can DISAGREE, but must find a COMMON SELFLESS GROUND to AGREE without spilling a drop of BLOOD. No BLOOD is worth being RIGHT.
  • Seeing our Neigbors predicament/pain is an opportunity to be an AGENT OF CHANGE and give them HOPE FOR a NEW NIGERIA. So we become our BROTHERS KEEPERS even in our pains.
  • TRUE LEADERSHIP at any level, down to family level, is actually a call to SELFLESS SERVICE and TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for any National failure on behalf of the Citizens. Leaders see their followers as their Bosses.
  • Paying TAX is an act of LOVE and not LAW. We see it as an act of CHARITY. We contribute into a COMMON PURSE for the good of all, the Poor and the Rich alike. If you are blessed with more, you give more for the good of the LESS ENDOWED.
  • We discourage any OSTENTATIOUS display of AFFLUENCE and EXPENSIVE LIFESTYLE. SIMPLICITY is our ORDER of LIFE. We show our affluence in the SYSTEMIC VALUES we add in promoting the Livelihood of Others.
  • FAMILY VALUES is the strongest source of SOCIETAL VALUE SYSTEM, any battle lost in the family, is a battle lost in the society. As PARENTS, we take responsibility of the ill values our children grow with.
  • African Solutions are best nurtured to solve African Problems, and so Do Nigerian Solutions to Nigerian Problems.
  • A New Nigeria will give all regions and parts of the country equal sense of BELONGING and VALUES.
  • DARKNESS is the ABSENCE of LIGHT, so SILENCE is NOT GOLDEN in seeking our New Nigeria. We roll up our sleeves, and BE PART of the SOLUTIONS.

So, if you believe in these values that form our G-ROLE Africa Creed for our New Society, you are a New Nigerian/African. Let us get to work, because the journey is still far.

As we gradually leave our OLD Nigeria/Africa values and mentality for the NEW Nigeria/Africa mentality as individuals, we naturally transform as a Society to a New Nation.

So Help Us God.