Proposed Candidates for the Key Elective offices from the Citizens of Nigeria in 2023?

Who will you prefer to run the affairs of the offices of the President, Governors, and Legislators (Upper and Lower Chambers)?

We are aware that there are credible unknown figures in Nigeria who are NOT POPULAR, NOT RICH, NOT IN POLITICS yet, and May NOT EVEN BE INTERESTED, but truly have the Character, Attitude, and Courage to Lead Nigeria to her deserved Glory and Pride. As citizens, we have the right to share our preferences for potential candidates before the primary nominations by the political parties. Nominees are not restricted to the characteristics above; it also includes those in Politics and with other characteristics.

The nominations end on the 30th of June, 2022, and the names of your nominations shall be published in the second week of July, 2022.

Please, NOTE that this is not an Election or Poll for 2023 elections. Thus, multiple nominations do not depict or translate any victory or winning an election for any candidate. It is simply designed for sampling purposes to predict the interests of the citizens toward informing the political and social reformation of Democracy in Nigeria.

Trust that this process is secured and all personal information are protected and will not be used for any other purposes beyond this purpose, otherwise, you will be personally notified.

It is strongly advised that well-meaning Citizens of Nigeria participate in this exercise. You can nominate more than one office/position of your interests, but no need for multiple nominations of one candidate for one office. It will not count.

Select any of the offices below for your respective nominations. The Nomination process for each or any office of your choice should take less than 4 mins.

If you are not familiar with the Constituency that your Local government of Origin is assigned to, and other related information about your unit of origin, Please 👉🏾 download and view this document for your information (the list of states and Constituency of Origin )

This exercise is created by the New Nigeria Is Possible Vision supported by the “We the People of Nigeria (WEPON)” Group, and powered by the G-ROLE Africa. For questions and enquiries, contact us via

Enjoy the experience!